How to Choose the Best Eye Makeup For Your Eye Color

Vibrant colors. Flattering highlights. Sultry tones. There are many different ways to play with color when it comes to eye makeup. As a rule of thumb, the colors that will best complement your eye color and make them appear more eye-catching (no pun intended) will be those that live on the opposite side of the color wheel, says Jason Hoffman, a makeup artist and VP of Artistry and Education for Rose Inc's parent company, Amyris. 

Rules aside, celebrity makeup artist Min Min Ma says the most important thing is that the colors make you happy, so you feel confident wearing them. “I believe that makeup is an emotional and personal process, first and foremost,” she says. “When I’m working with clients, I also go with my intuition rather than rules. If the eyeshadows I applied look good on the client and make their eyes pop, then that’s a good choice.” Hoffman agrees: “I believe that rules are made to be broken, and I’ve seen all shades work on all eye colors,” he says. And if all else fails, he notes that neutral and taupe shades look great on everyone.

Whether your eyes are brown, hazel, green or blue, here’s how to embrace color, according to the pros.

“If the eyeshadows I applied look good on the client and make their eyes pop, then that’s a good choice.”

“Using warm undertone eyeshadows with a cool eye color make a nice contrast, and make the eyes extra blue”

“People with blond or ashy hair should always test green eyeshadow, as shades of moss and lighter greens can make the hair look slightly green.”

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