The Fall Body Care Routine Pros Recommend
As the temperature changes from one season to another, our body’s skin care needs shift, too. "When humidity levels and temperatures drop, the skin on your body needs adequate solutions to make up for what the environment is lacking," says Sharlena Hassani, a licensed esthetician in Beverly Hills. The skin barrier can become disrupted without proper moisture, adds board-certified dermatologist and founder of Manhattan-based Entière Dermatology Dr. Melissa Levin. This can lead to discomfort in the form of sensitivity, dryness and irritation. To help with this seasonal adjustment, Hassani and Dr. Levin share their suggestions for the ideal fall body care routine.

“The humidity during the fall drops, which is a big contributing factor to why your skin dries out in colder weather.”

"Exfoliating the dead, dry cells on your skin's surface increases skin cell turnover and helps your other products like body oils and moisturizers work more effectively …”