How To Shop For Eyeshadow With Sensitive Eyes

A carefully-vetted eye makeup routine is key if you have sensitive eyes. Part of that routine involves choosing makeup products, including eyeshadow and mascara, with ingredients that won’t cause itchy, puffy, irritated eyes. To help, we consulted Dr. Ashley Brissette, MD, an ophthalmologist based in New York City, for what to look for (and what to avoid) when shopping for eye makeup. And because the term "clean beauty" isn't regulated, she gives us a breakdown of which ingredients to avoid. Plus, learn some pro-approved eye makeup best practices to help keep eyeshadow-induced reactions at bay.

“Make sure to keep the eyes tightly closed while applying to prevent any pigment from going inside the eye.”

How To Determine If You Have Sensitive Eyes

According to Dr. Brissette, signs of sensitive eyes include redness, irritation, swelling and itchiness. If you consistently feel like you have something in your eye, referred to as foreign body sensation, that can be another sign of sensitivity. The following recommendations should help eliminate or minimize these unwanted symptoms, but if they persist, it may be time to visit an ophthalmologist.

How To Use Eyeshadow If You Have Sensitive Eyes

“We have oil glands here that produce an oil to lubricate the eyes and they can get clogged with makeup leading to eye dryness and irritation.”

Remove All Eye Makeup Daily

The last and probably the most important best practice for using eyeshadows if you have sensitive eyes is ensuring you remove all your eye makeup at the end of the day. If you don’t, you risk bacteria accumulating on the eyelids and the makeup particles irritating or scratching the eyes. Instead of using disposable makeup remover pads, which can pull and tug on the eyelids, she suggests using a foam or cream cleanser with antimicrobial properties to get the job done. Reusable Cosmetic Rounds soaked in Micellar Water, followed by another thorough, full-face cleanse can also get the job done.


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