How To Apply Cream Highlighter for a Subtle Everyday Glow

Whatever your plans are for the day be it working at home or going out on a date night giving your complexion an iridescent glow is always a mood booster. Cream highlighter is one way to achieve that luminous look. Not only does cream highlighter look great on all skin tones, but it also comes in various shades, from a bronze hue to a rose-gold sheen or a champagne shimmer — all the more reason it should be a staple in everyone’s makeup bag. Below, Dominique Lerma, a makeup artist and MODA brush executive artist, shares the benefits of using a cream highlighter over its powder counterpart, and tips on how to apply cream highlighter like a pro.

“To give the skin a healthy and radiant finish, I love to pair cream highlighter with a beautiful serum to prep the skin.”

2. Apply with a small, fluffy brush 

The type of makeup brush you use to apply cream highlighter also makes a big difference in the finished look, Lerma says. Her go-to type of brush for this purpose? A versatile, small fluffy brush designed for detailed product placement.

3. Use your hand as a palette

In addition to using a brush, Lerma also suggests using the back of your hand as part of the application process. First, dip your brush into a cream highlighter. Then, using your hand as a palette, swish the brush around to ensure it’s evenly covered with product on all sides. This trick also helps warm up the product before applying it directly to the skin.

4. Apply it to the right places

Strategically placing the cream highlighter is also key. “Work that product onto the high points of your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, the bow of the lip and along the inner corners of the eye, hugging the tear duct and the brow bone,” Lerma says. “After applying the product, use your ring finger to press it into the skin, so it blends seamlessly and warms up to the face.” 

“Applying a powder product such as bronzer or blush is going to dull down the cream highlighter when applied on top of it.”

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