Yoga Retreat Leader Mominatu Boog on the Art of Self-Healing

Whether she’s hosting a yoga retreat in Senegal or teaching a class in her New York City studio, when in the presence of Mominatu Boog, you feel an undeniable sense of calm. “I love the ability to be a facilitator of healing [by] creating a space for people to heal themselves,” she says. “Which is what yoga does for me.” 

Raised in Chicago, Boog’s love of yoga began when she moved to Costa Rica after graduating high school, then later to Dakar, Senegal to connect to her Liberian-Senegalese roots. Her studio, MōmiYoga, started on the beach and opened as the first Black-owned studio in Dakar. Her work has been featured in Elle and Vogue, and most recently, Boog expanded her business to New York. “What I love most about what I do is the flexibility,” she says. 

We caught up with the yogi at an important time: Boog’s new line of MōmiYoga Activewear launches this month, then she’s off to another retreat in Dakar in April. “I want to bring people to Africa to experience the luxury and richness there,” she says. A typical retreat includes gorgeous beaches, fresh food and yoga practice two to three times a day. “You’re at once immersed in the culture but also have a healing experience.” Retreat booking details, as well as a list of her current classes in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, are available through her site.

When it’s time for her own self-care, Boog has a tried-and-true protocol of ancient therapies as healing. She shares this, plus her confidence journey and inspirations, ahead. 

"I love the ability to be a facilitator of healing…"

"’s fun to come with friends, but there’s a magic that happens when you come alone."

Getting Centered with Mominatu Boog

As a yoga teacher and leader of wellness workshops, Mominatu Boog knows a thing or two about healing and joy. Listen to the playlist that puts her mind at ease while practicing poses or riding the NYC trains.

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