Founder Taj Alwan Talks Product Must-Haves, Career, & Turning Off

Everybody has a story about beauty. In Rose Inc.’s The Profile, some of the world’s most intriguing people share theirs. In this intimate interview series, we get (virtually) up close and personal to explore their definitions of beauty and path to self-confidence. The Profile presents these compelling personalities in a new light—one that illuminates their own journey, dreams, and desires while highlighting their unique relationship with beauty.

True to her Instagram bio, Taj Alwan is, indeed, “alotta tings.” From a cultural standpoint, she’s an Ethiopian-American-Canadian who’s lived in Milan, New York, Vancouver, and London and who currently resides in L.A. She is “a woman of passports,” as she puts it. From a professional standpoint, she’s the founder of The Hyphen8, a public relations and management company. Prior to that, she worked as a PR director for a number of agencies and held positions at companies such as Dolce & Gabbana, Karla Otto, and Starworks Group.

“I was PR one day, agent another, on any given day I was a stylist, I also was producing my own shoots so that I could have features run on the talent that I represented at the time,” she says. “I wore every single kind of hat possible.” This was during a time when the industry was shifting and she noticed a need for talent “beyond just a pretty face,” which motivated her to step out on her own.

The people Alwan represents are just as varied as she is: From model Salem Mitchell to photographer Zamar Velez to entrepreneurs Devon and Sydney Carlson “I don't like to work with one type of talent, I enjoy working with models, artists, athletes,” she says. “You name it, I'm probably into it.” Specifically, though, she enjoys working with multi-hyphenates like herself (hence the name). The people who can’t be placed comfortably in one box or another and aren’t limited to any one thing, she explains.

We caught up with the international entrepreneur about how business and life have been during the pandemic. Fittingly, she’s been doing everything from cooking and hiking to getting her hair braided for the first time and recreating beauty looks. Read all about her beauty crushes, the self-imposed breaks she’s implemented, her dedication to eyeliner, and more, ahead.



Taj Alwan photographed by Lauren Leekley.