Book Club: The Rose Inc Team’s Winter Reading List
A cozy fire. Soft sweatpants. A good book. For many, the holidays are about indulging in creature comforts alongside the ones we love. To make much-needed rest and relaxation a little easier, we asked our Rose Inc colleagues an important question: What books are you reading or recommending over the holidays this year? Their answers, below. 
By Lena Herrmann

Adrian Cabrero, Director, Digital Creative

“I’ll be reading lots of magazines — Dazed, Document, Another — just to escape digital media over the holidays.”

Kiana Basu Sanchez, Senior Director of eCommerce

“I typically like to read two or three books simultaneously — usually a mix of fiction and non-fiction — because as with television or music, sometimes I’m in the mood for something in particular or something else and need to keep it fresh. I’m currently reading Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie, a novel that takes place at the start of partition in India, and The Philosophy of Modern Song, a collection of essays by Bob Dylan about pop music. Next on the list is And There Was Light by Jon Meacham, a(nother) biography on Abraham Lincoln.”

By Lena Herrmann