Natalie Wright on Self-Love and Reclaiming Her Hair

For every eye-catching piece of content distributed by major brands like CB2 and sweetgreen, you’ll find a strategic powerhouse like Natalie Wright behind it. “I love helping brands tell authentic stories that others can relate to,” the Chicago-based creative tells Rose Inc. “My work with Sweetgreen specifically included helping them reach a richly diverse local community on the south side of Chicago by creating a meaningful grand opening experience,” via inviting and celebrating the local leaders and influencers. “Translating culture into different formats and mediums is what I love doing most. It’s important to stay ahead of the curve and create compelling moments,” she adds. “I’m extremely deliberate about who I partner with. Character is everything and people drive culture.” 

Whether she’s producing meaningful brand moments, baking or designing and upcycling clothes, Wright is constantly pushing back against the outdated idea that one can’t excel at multiple passions. How does she balance it all? With firm boundaries. “I lean into seasonality,” she says. “I try to stay clear about what’s for me, for my loved ones and what’s for sharing with the world.” While doing it all, she serves up effortless beauty and style inspiration, from her voluminous coils to a pink, upcycled button down. “I remember being completely enamored the first time I saw a stripped back portrait of RuPaul with freckles out, beaming,” she says of her sources of inspiration. “It showed me the range of how one can express themselves through beauty.”

Below, Wright reflects on the confidence lessons that have come with recently turning 30, her go-to self-care regimens and the impact her Chicago upbringing has had on her approach to beauty

“I’m inspired by people who are doing the opposite of what's expected or popular.”

By Jessica Levin
By Jessica Levin

"I think when I hit 29, I began to realize that I do know what I’m doing..."

By Jessica Levin
By Jessica Levin

“Beauty is you, at your purest state, with as little external influence as possible.”

By Jessica Levin

Get Ready With Natalie Wright

Between brand marketing, baking and designing, Natalie Wright never misses a beat when it comes to delivering endless beauty and style inspiration. For Wright, maintaining it all comes with a sturdy self-care routine that includes long walks, kickboxing and a funky getting-ready playlist.


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