A Day in the Life of Rose Inc’s Creative Director Verity Pemberton

For Rose Inc creative director Verity Pemberton, being happy at work means collaboration. “Whether it’s producing shoots, creating imagery or videos, I take great joy in being able to be part of the aesthetic direction,” the London-based creative and founder of “Moon” magazine says. “It’s also so inspirational to be surrounded by so many talented people on a daily basis, all working together to achieve a vision.”

The former Burberry Beauty art director and a one-time costume designer for Florence and the Machine, Pemberton now spends her days working with up-and-coming photographers, stylists and creative talent both on set for shoots and dreaming up concepts for upcoming launches.  She stays inspired by working from her personal studio every day.  “For me it has been a game changer to have that separate space for work.” Additionally, Pemberton finds joy in listening to her favorite podcasts: Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow and The Elis James and John Robins Podcast. “If I ever feel in a creative rut I watch the documentary, Eames the Architect and the Painter. That purity of being creative and the studio they ran never fails to inspire me,” she says. 

For the latest iteration of Day in the Life, Pemberton shares in detail what it’s like to be on set,  and how she finds time for self-care in the form of cycling and morning runs. 

09:00 a.m.: At this time, I’m at the studio and catching up on emails. My mornings are full of email pings as a lot of the team is US based, so I normally focus my first hour on catching up. But today is a shoot day so there isn’t time for this.

Emails consist of a lot of quick feedback on projects that are in the works. I also brief out any urgent requests to our designer Kyoko who works across a multitude of things. We have been working on a limited-edition box set, so have been in the finalizing stages of that. I work closely with our copy team. Copy is a hugely important part of how we present our brand, so the visuals and the storytelling always need to sync up.

09:15 a.m.: I call Asha, our director of production, and we go through our to-do list. We work so closely together on shoots and upcoming projects, so we end up speaking multiple times a day. Asha helps to produce all our shoots and coordinates getting all of our beautiful assets to the right people. We try to meet up once a week in my studio space so we can work together in person.

Currently, I am mid-way through shooting a new product launch and extremely excited about the next one, which I probably can’t talk about. ( it’s going to add another layer creatively to what Rose Inc products can do.) I am heading to New York in a week to help put the finishing touches on our Satin Lip pop-up space, so it will be great to work with the team in New York in bringing that to life. 

09:30 a.m.: I check in with Rosie a lot as we develop creative concepts for each launch, bouncing ideas and team suggestions around as well as casting until we land on our final concept.

9:45 a.m.: I’m printing out my creative deck for the campaign we are shooting today. I am a meticulous planner and like to make sure I have considered every facet of the creative before going to shoot. I also need to check what products I have that could be needed on set and bag them up to take with me.

10:00 a.m.: I jump in a cab and head to our shoot

01:45 p.m.: Back on set, this time with the stills team, I ask the makeup artist to tweak the makeup a touch. The rest of the day is spent between sets and by the end of our shoot day I think my step count is through the roof.

06:15 p.m.: I work with our digital technician to make sure all the files are named correctly. I grab the hard drive for our shoot so I can make my edit the next day and get everything prepped for post production.

Be Productive with Verity Pemberton

For Rose Inc’s creative director Verity Pemberton, happiness at work means  collaboration. “Whether it’s producing shoots or creating imagery, I take great joy in being part of the aesthetic direction,” she says. Morning runs, cycling and a focus-inducing playlist help her power through the day. See a breakdown of Pemberton's typical work day in this iteration of Day In the Life.

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