How to Determine Your Skin's Undertone Once and For All

When shopping for a new foundation or concealer, finding a shade that matches your skin requires determining two things: your skin tone and its undertone. The latter is not as often discussed, but the pros agree, it’s the secret to finding your seamless makeup match. Ahead, Melissa Collazo, a makeup artist and OMNIA brush artist and Jason Hoffman, makeup artist and VP of artistry and education for Rose Inc’s parent company, Amyris, dive into what skin undertones are, why they’re important and how to identify yours.

“Unlocking this skill has an overwhelmingly positive effect on the overall outcome of your makeup look...”

How to determine your skin undertones

“Warm undertones feel their best in gold jewelry and neutral clothing that are more cream, tan, and brown-toned, while cool undertones tend to gravitate towards silver jewelry and white, gray and black clothing.”

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