Everything You Need to Know About Lymphatic Drainage Massages with Josie Rushing

With clients such as January Jones and Lili Reinhart, it’s safe to say that Josie Rushing is making a name for herself in the world of lymphatic massage. Born in São Paulo and based in Austin, the founder of Brazilicious Beauty Spa was inspired to pursue a career in massage therapy because she “always loved getting massages,” she says. But when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, she learned the benefits of draining the lymphatic system firsthand. “It became my number one point of interest,” she says. “And once I started practicing on clients, I quickly understood even more that it was my gift and my passion.”

A session with Rushing not only achieves cosmetic results and deep relaxation, but is also tailored to a client’s health needs. “I would say this is the most comprehensive treatment that someone can experience in just 50 minutes,” she says. “There are no tools involved. It’s simply an inside-out detox.”

To start the new year off with self-care in mind, Rushing shares everything you need to know about lymphatic drainage massages below, from its benefits and how often you should do it to see results, to techniques you can try out yourself at home. 

What is the lymphatic system?

Rushing describes the lymphatic system as our body’s “sewage system.” In other words, “it is a major component of the immune system that helps filter our blood, remove toxins, fight infection and absorb fats.” She also compares it to our circulatory system. “It is our body’s main defense system and is responsible for draining out excess fluids and proteins from tissues, and releasing them back into the bloodstream,” Rushing says. We all have about 600 to 700 lymph nodes in our body that are all part of our lymphatic system — “responsible for filtering out everything that is not good for us, including, but not limited to, bacteria and/or viruses,” she adds.

“Our bodies are machines that never stop working, so consistently working on ourselves in conjunction is extremely important.”

“There are no tools involved. It’s simply an inside-out detox.”