How Our Tech-Powered App Finds Your Perfect Concealer Shade

Just a few short years ago, dipping into an in-store tester of makeup to find the right concealer shade was the only option for matching one's complexion. And now? It's just one option. Thankfully, online shopping trends were already driving AI tech to help people find the perfect shade of makeup virtually, long before the pandemic made in-store testing less appealing. Using a combination of machine learning (in this case, feeding a machine a massive catalog of images of different skin tones so it can “learn” to identify real-life complexions) and AI, companies like Beauty Labs have figured out how to take swatching your makeup virtual — and with highly accurate results. 

Rose Inc’s version of this is called Shade Finder. It’s a tool that helps online and in-app shoppers find ideal makeup shades in seconds flat. No swatching on skin and no lengthy quizzes, just the right shade of makeup, right now. It’s easy. Snap a photo, answer a couple of questions and get matched with your best makeup shade. But how does it work? Ahead, see how the latest in machine-learning tech is making buying makeup online easier than ever.

Rewriting the rules for taking your best selfie

Forget bouncy hair and the perfect smile; this selfie only requires the clearest read of your facial features and skin. That means holding your head in a central position, pulling your hair back, ditching glasses, hats and anything else that might cast a shadow, and stepping into natural light. “This will give the most even sort of analysis of your face,” says Smith.

Expert tips, without the YouTube video

One of the perks of buying makeup IRL (or falling down a rabbit hole of YouTube tutorials) is being able to glean application and usage tips from experts — and the engineers behind ShadeFinder know this. So in addition to creating a tool that matches you with your best product, they’ve created a more prescriptive service: After answering a few questions about your aesthetic goals, and being matched by ShadeFinder with your optimum shades, shoppers are given targeted tips for how to use the product. (Think: how to de-emphasise dark circles, use the right brushes to blend for a no-makeup look, or use a concealer in a few ways to achieve different outcomes.) This can be particularly helpful with first-to-market formulations that may work a little differently than conventional formulas might.

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